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Financial Services

Banks, mortgage companies, credit card companies, thrift and credit unions, mutual fund companies, investment banks, stockbrokers and traders, retirement and pension funds, property and casualty insurance companies, life insurance companies and carriers

In today’s competitive market, financial services companies need a way to grow revenue in the face of industry-wide credit issues, mergers and acquisitions and security and regulatory initiatives.


  • Customer loyalty:  It costs more to gain business from new customers than to cross-sell to existing ones.
  • Speed of business:  Every mortgage, credit line, checking account and investment product requires documentation at every step.
  • Cost reduction:  Intense competition drives cost cutting at every turn.

Featured Solutions

  • Opening New Customer Accounts. Automate and streamline the new account application process. Eliminate paper and reduce processing times by digitizing application forms and client correspondence.
  • Client Communications. Improve client loyalty and the service you give your customers by designing personalized communications. Our multifunction devices and solutions can manage the whole process – from design to print and mail.
  • Cost Reduction. Control costs with solutions to optimize office environments, make print operations more efficient, reduce paper and optimize documents across your enterprise.
  • Compliance. Reduce risks and costs associated with complying with complex regulations.
  • Reduce Storage and Retrieval Costs. Store documents electronically, eliminating the cost for off-site document storage and retrieval.
  • Electronic Collaboration. Store documents securely in electronic folders and let users capture, submit, audit, share, deliver and archive them quickly, easily and without paper.


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