360 App is an incredible tool –

Automatically collect meters from networked devices
The 360 meter collection application automates and simplifies meter collection process. It reduces manual intervention and delivers accurate results. This non-invasive application automatically creates a snapshot of your networked devices in a matter of minutes. Encrypted usage data is then sent directly to a secure COS location at preset intervals.

Compliant with standard devices
360 App captures copy/print/scan meter count data from most standard networked devices, including MFPs, copiers and printers. It automatically detects changes to your fleet, saving you the time and effort spent in registering new additions.

Get it started quickly in any location
360 App is simple to install and will require minimal involvement from your onsite IT personnel. A COS certified specialist will install the application at a central location prior to, or during the installation of your new equipment.

Create an interactive snapshot
360 App comes with an interactive reporting tool that includes actual device information. Virtually instant access to historical and status data is at your fingertips.

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