Cartridge Recycling

COS is committed to helping the environment through alliances with our recycling partners.

Returning used toner and inkjet cartridges has helped reduce landfill waste by millions of tons over the years. Your continued participation in our partners’ recycling programs is making a difference for our shared future.

A few general notes about cartridge recycling:

  • Full toner waste containers are not recyclable; including this extra weight in return packages increases the carbon footprint created by the return process. Please dispose of these as you would any normal waste
  • Drums and Fusers for Xerox copiers are rebuilt by our local technicians. Please call our Service Call Center at 888-937-4283 for pickup and replenishment of these items.

Recycle Responsibly offers your organization a FREE, easy-to-use environmentally preferable way to dispose of your empty cartridges. Click HERE to set up your company, download prepaid shipping labels or have prepaid boxes shipped directly to your location. Thank you for making an environmentally friendly choice!